Release Notes

Rachel Rivers • October 3,2023

Release Notes - September 2023

Inventory Renewal on Facebook Marketplace

Inventory items will be automatically renewed on Facebook every 7 days unless they have been marked Sold

Inventory Updates on Facebook Marketplace

When Inventory items are updated on the Dealer Portal they will automatically update on Facebook Marketplace

Request Similar Inventory Form

If sold inventory remains accessible on the website, buyers will be able to submit a form to request similar items.

Showroom Filter Improvement

Showroom filters have been improved to more accurately reflect showroom data

Locking Overlays

Overlays can now be locked on individual inventory units so that future global overlay edits will not be applied to those you have locked.

When duplicating inventories, new items are restored to the default non locked status.

Improved Anti-Spam filtering on website leads

Improved spam pattern detection on leads from websites

Dealer location by ZIP Code

Dealer location will auto-populate based on ZIP code to improve inventory location search results.

Archived Inventory Marked as Sold

If inventory is archived without being sold, but remains accessible,  it will now display a Sold banner on the website URL to more accurately reflect anticipated status.

Integrations Improvements

Model Manager Pilot for Auto-Imports

Configure model information to save as a template for improved speed and consistency in inventory population.

Incoming Feed Improvements

  • Tilt is now a mappable field
  • Titles can now be adjusted by Unit Type
  • Factory Feed Icon in Inventory dashboard for Auto-Imports
  • Improved video imports
  • Improved image import from Motility
  • Empty fields if empty in source file
  • Improved Global Mapping
  • Improved Dealer Location Mapping
  • New support for .txt file format

New Outgoing Feeds

  • RideMotive
  • Vast/Carfax
Rachel Rivers