Release Notes

Rachel Rivers • October 3,2023

Release Notes - June 2023

Our development teams have been hard at work improving our products! Take a look at the changes we’ve made for June.

Dealer Portal

Dealer Location Improvements

Dealer Locations in the TrailerCentral back end now include a zip code pop-up that will auto-populate other fields, such as city and state. This will improve location accuracy for your inventory!

Improved Overlay Interface

We’ve improved the overlay page layout and your overlay preview will update immediately to display your changes.

We’ve also changed our wording to more clearly distinguish between overlays and inventory banners when configuring websites and inventory, improved the banner selection interface, and added the ability to remove banners from existing inventory.

Filtering by Inventory Visibility

You can now filter your inventory in the TrailerCentral dashboard by visibility status

Printing Inventory from TrailerCentral Dashboard

All inventory that complies with dashboard filters will print in a single report.

Support for .heic Images

iPhone photographers rejoice! .heic images from iOS are now supported.

Mobile Usability Improvements

Usability improvements for mobile interfaces will make on-the-go changes easier than ever.

Slideshow Scheduling

You can now schedule slideshows to begin and end on specified dates, making it easier than ever to display promotions and key information, like holiday hours.

Marketing Automation

Facebook Marketplace Posting Sold Status Update

When your posted inventory is marked Sold in the TrailerCentral back end, the status will automatically update on Facebook Marketplace at the next data refresh.

2-Factor Authentication on Facebook Marketplace Poster

Facebook Marketplace poster will now support 2-Factor authentication

Dealer Websites

Improved Inventory URL’s

Inventory URL’s will now replace periods in inventory titles with a hyphen. This will preserve your dimension details in the URL for optimized SEO results.

Bug Fixes

We’ve tidied things up and made fixes to keep your services running smoothly!

Rachel Rivers