Rachel Rivers • December 19,2022

Increase Inventory Visibility with Google My Business

TrailerCentral has an all-new way to get your listings noticed online! First, we introduced custom websites, then Craigslist, then TrailerTrader, then Facebook Marketplace, and now… GOOGLE MY BUSINESS!

Google My Business is a brand new opportunity on Google and they have chosen TrailerCentral as a partner to showcase this new feature. So we want YOU to be one of the first to utilize this new opportunity. Your inventory within our Dealer Portal will be automatically integrated with Google My Business when you are signed up for a package that includes TrailerTrader. Listings shown on Google My Business will link directly back to your custom website.

Google My Business (GMB) is a proven method of driving traffic to your listings!

  • Pages get an average of 33 clicks per month
  • 97% of customers learn about listings and businesses online
  • Queries including the phrase “Near Me” have seen a 200% increase in recent years
  • GMB profiles with photos are twice as likely to appear reputable to customers
  • GMB receives more mobile searches than desktop which allows for your listings to be seen on mobile browsers.

To learn more about Google My Business and our many other inventory display options, email us today at sales@trailercentral.com.

The following packages already include Google My Business integration:

  • Premium Website Enhanced, Digital Essentials Enhanced, Digital Essentials LG, Digital Essentials MAX, Boosted Marketing Management, and our Complete Marketing Management.

Contact us today to set up your GMB Store Code or follow the directions in the file below.

Rachel Rivers