Rachel Rivers • December 19,2022

Take a Picture that Makes Buyers Look Twice!

When it comes to capturing your buyer’s attention, the best way to make them look twice is with enticing photos. TrailerCentral’s many different inventory distribution opportunities allow you to get your listings seen on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, Craigslist, TrailerTrader, and of course – your custom website! So let us help make each and every listing stand out with quality images. 

So let’s break down what makes a good picture:

  1. The device you use to shoot the photo can make or break the quality of the image. Use a smartphone or a digital camera to take every picture you upload to the dealer portal. These images are then used to distribute your inventory across platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, Craigslist, TrailerTrader, and your custom website.
  2. The ANGLE of your photo should take into account the greatest features of each listing. Take each picture from an angle that showcases EVERYTHING! 
  3. The DETAILS in the photo are what catch a buyers attention. Buyers want to know what they are buying and the best way to showcase the details of a trailer is by taking pictures of its best features. Take one photo of the whole trailer, then one of the hitch, then one of the latches, then one of the doors, and the tires, and the interior, and the list goes on & on! 
  4. Pixel Size! Pixel Size! Pixel Size! When uploading your images, take into account the image size that will appear on your site or listing. Banners should be a minimum of 2056 pixels in width to ensure everything is crystal clear. Also, we recommend that your inventory images be a minimum of 1500×1125. Take into consideration the 4:3 ratio of each image while importing as well. This is for width x height and height x width. 
  5. The format in which you import your images is also important. Be sure that your file is either a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. Coming soon – HEIC! The maximum file size is 24MB.
  6. Real photos > stock photos! When selecting images for your listings, buyers would much rather see photos from your lot than stock photos of trailers from the manufacturers site. This means it’s time to step out onto your lot and have a little photoshoot with ALL your inventory. Even if you have four of the same trailer, switch up the angle and make them each unique! 

Photos can make or break the success of your listing so it’s important to spend time on each and every picture. The best way to outperform your competitor, get more leads, and GET MORE SALES is to make your listings enticing. And the first thing buyers see is the photos! Follow the steps above and you are sure to see more listing success. 

To contact us about getting your listings seen on more platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Google My Business, Craigslist, and TrailerTrader, email us at sales@trailercentral.com

Rachel Rivers