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Rachel Rivers • December 6,2023

Unleashing Your Website's Potential:15 Google Ranking Factors for Stellar Results

by JK Aninpot – SEO Specialist

What is a Google Ranking Factor?

Google ranking factors are the yardsticks and signals that search engines like Google use to figure out where a webpage should land in search results. They’re like the GPS for website owners and digital marketers, showing the way to more visibility and traffic.

How Do I Improve My Google Rank?

Climbing up the ladder in Google search results takes a thoughtful approach that covers different parts of your website. By paying attention to key ranking factors, you can boost your website’s visibility and attract more visitors.

Which Factors Need Focus?

To kick your website up a notch on Google, there are 15 essential factors to consider. Let’s dive into each of them and see how they can crank up your website’s visibility and performance.

#1 Content Quality and Relevance

When someone types a query, search engines want to deliver the most relevant results. That’s where content quality comes in. It’s not just about using the right keywords; it’s about providing genuinely useful information. Think of it as being the best tour guide for your topic.

How to Improve your Rank

Remember, you’re not just talking to Google’s robots, but to actual people. So, be unique, be top-notch, and be on-point. Make sure your content directly provides the information that users want and need.

#2 Backlinks

Think of backlinks as word-of-mouth recommendations in the digital world. When other respected websites link to yours, it’s a vote of confidence. Google takes these votes seriously and rewards you with a higher spot.

How To Improve Your Rank

Look for connections with websites that are trustworthy, related to your field, and not sketchy. Also, make sure the words people click on to get to your site (the anchor text) are spot on.

#3 Page Load Speed

Nobody likes to wait, especially online. If your webpage loads like lightning, it’s more likely to get a thumbs-up from both users and Google. That’s a direct ticket to a better rank.

How To Improve Your Rank

Speed things up by making sure your website’s tech is in tip-top shape. That means optimizing images and minimizing clunky widgets that take extra time to load.

#4 Mobile-Friendliness

With everyone glued to their phones, it’s crucial your website looks awesome and works smoothly on mobile devices. Google rewards websites that are as easy to navigate on a phone as they are on a computer.

How To Improve Your Rank

Double-check that buttons and links are easy to tap, and that your pages adjust like a pro on different screens. Also, make sure everything looks great at mobile view, with images and icons fitting within the screen dimensions

#5 Secure and Accessible Website (HTTPS)

Online safety is a big deal for Google, and it should be for you too. If your website is encrypted with HTTPS, it’s like your digital fortress. This boosts your ranking.

How To Improve Your Rank

Get yourself an SSL certificate (it’s like a VIP pass for security). Make sure all sensitive info, especially payment details, are locked down.

#6 User Experience (UX)

Imagine walking into a store where everything’s a mess, and the products are hard to find. Bad, right? Google thinks so too. It wants users to have a smooth experience navigating your website.

How To Improve Your Rank

Map out your website so it’s easy to navigate. Ensure buttons work like a charm, and actions are a breeze. And don’t forget, fancy stuff like videos and GIFs should be fun, not frustrating.

#7 On-Page Optimization

This is where you speak Google’s language. It’s all about making sure your webpage tells search engines what it’s about.

How To Improve Your Rank

Get your tags in order – titles, descriptions, and all the headings. And don’t forget about images; they should have alt text that matches what’s in the picture.

#8 Domain Authority

Your website’s reputation counts. It’s like having a good rep in town – people trust you more. Google likes that too. So, keep it clean, and make sure your domain name fits your gig.

How To Improve Your Rank

Renew your domain regularly. If it makes sense, throw in a keyword that screams what you’re about. And make sure there are no strikes against your domain; Google’s got a clean record policy.

#9 Engagement Metrics

Google likes it when visitors stick around and do things on your website. The longer they stay and play, the more Google thinks you’re the bee’s knees.

How To Improve Your Rank

Cook up some long-form content. And if possible, make it clickable – links that lead to other cool stuff, and media like videos that users can play around with.

#10 Social Signals

It’s not just about your website; it’s about your whole online vibe. If folks are talking about you on social media, Google’s all ears.

How To Improve Your Rank

Make sure your social buttons are on point and linked to the right profiles. And don’t be a social media wallflower – post regularly, and make sure to throw in some hashtags and links back to your site.

#11 Local SEO

If you’re running a local gig, this one’s a game-changer. When people look for local products and services, Google wants to serve them the best options nearby.

How To Improve Your Rank

Keep things consistent with your NAP (Name, Address, Phone) across all your listings. Double-check that they all point to the right web spot. And don’t be shy – tell everyone about your business in directories.

#12 Page Freshness and Updates

A webpage that’s been gathering dust isn’t all that exciting. Google likes it when you keep things fresh and up-to-date.

How To Improve Your Rank

Sprinkle in some new content, like blogs that back up your main pages. And don’t forget about the old stuff – give it a revamp with new headings.

#13 Page Authority

Your page should be the boss in its category. It’s like being the expert at the party, and Google likes to put you in the spotlight.

How To Improve Your Rank

Make sure your content is spot-on for your category. Tweak your tags, check for any pesky duplicates, and make sure links aren’t leading to nowhere. And remember, no shady affiliate links.

#14 E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

It’s like getting a reference from a big shot. If you’re talking about something, Google wants to know it’s coming from a reliable source.

How To Improve Your Rank

When you’re dishing out info, make sure it’s from the big guns – experts, reliable sources, folks who’ve got the scoop. They’ll vouch for you.

#15 Core Web Vitals

This is tech talk for making sure your webpage loads super-fast. Google’s all about delivering a lightning-fast experience.

How To Improve Your Rank

Time to bring in the experts. Work with your web developer to whip up some magic for a speedier experience. It’s all about making sure your page is snappy and smooth.

Key Takeaways

These 15 ranking factors are your roadmap to ruling the roost on Google. Quality content, solid backlinks, speedy pages, mobile magic, security, user-friendly vibes, nailing the tech stuff, having a trustworthy rep, keeping folks engaged, ruling the social scene, acing the local game, staying fresh, being the authority, and having the big shots on your side – that’s the winning formula. Remember, it’s a journey, not a sprint. Keep tweaking, keep hustling, and watch your website soar. 🚀

Rachel Rivers