Rachel Rivers • January 20,2023

TrailerCentral Announces Refocus on Core Services

GRAND RAPIDS – TrailerCentral today announced a strategic shift of their business, which will better position them to serve all dealers to the fullest by increasing focus on its core products. As part of these changes, Trailer Central will be sunsetting their DMS platform and targeting their efforts on their highly productive digital marketing products. 

“TrailerCentral has built an incredibly strong foundation in creating digital marketing tools tailored for the needs of trailer dealers and our extraordinary growth during the past 24 months has proven we have the right formula to support dealers’ businesses goals.”, says Brianna Sullivan, VP of Digital Strategy. “We look  to improve our offering by focusing the broad resources of TrailerCentral on our portfolio of dealer-centric digital commerce tools.  These changes will allow us to better deliver the best-in-class  products and support that dealers need to drive their marketing and sales.”

As part of this restructuring, Josh Slabaugh, the former President, will depart TrailerCentral. The primary leadership team will remain in place, with familiar faces in key roles throughout the company. Brianna Sullivan will be joining the organization as the new leader. She brings an extensive background in serving the dealer channel, including both direct-to-customer and business-to-consumer applications, and various roles in dealer marketing, and is committed to our dealer base.

Rachel Rivers