Rachel Rivers • December 19,2022

Maximize Your Leads with Facebook Marketplace

Join the leading online marketplace with TrailerCentral by adding marketing to your current package! PLUS, if you already have marketing, you get it for free!

Facebook Marketplace has over 1.8 billion daily users which means you have the opportunity for more leads, more traffic, and MORE SALES!

Facebook Marketplace integration with TrailerCentral is included in our Marketing Automation Package. This automated tool is set up to post up to three listings per day from your designated personal account. This can be one of a trusted salesperson, an owner, a customer representative, an administrative employee, or anyone you wish. All these listings can be found through a search for the category, title, or description content that is relevant to the listed unit. All units will appear as individual listings on Facebook Marketplace. These units are selected by YOU and are associated with specific locations.

Now once you’ve set up this new tool with TrailerCentral, it’s time to learn about listing success.

A good listing is broken down into four important factors:

  1. Listings will images perform the best. The better the image, the better the listing. The more images, the more leads!
  2. Listings with descriptions that include unique features, get unique visitors.
  3. Listings that showcase what sets them apart keep your leads in the loop on all the things that make YOU special and make their shopping experience one of a kind.
  4. Listings that are priced to sell are sure to sell.

The listings that get the most traffic are the ones that include all the things listed above.

So you might be wondering how it works. Let’s break it down! Our special tool reads your inventory setup and creates postings one by one that includes pertinent information like title, pricing, description, and images. We post everything for you and once it’s up, the leads generate right to YOU!

There are just a few requirements before setup. They include having a personal Facebook account with two-factor authentication deactivated, a PC available for use, and an email address to log in to your Facebook. Starting in January 2023, Facebook will no longer allow business pages to post to Facebook Marketplace so now is the time to get in with TrailerCentral and get your listings automated from your personal page.

Plus, to get your listings in front of even more buyers, you can add TrailerTrader to your TrailerCentral package today.

To learn more about how to add our Marketing Automation Package, email our sales team at To set up Facebook Marketplace with your existing Marketing Automation Package, email us at

Rachel Rivers