Rachel Rivers • September 14,2021

Major Updates Coming to TrailerTrader

Over the last few years TrailerTrader has seen tremendous growth and become the largest classifieds site for trailers from private and public sellers. The site’s organic traffic has increased by 230% from the previous year.

We’re excited to announce we will be investing major resources to enhance the platform in the near future. We’re committed to creating the leading and best in class online marketplace for trailer sales. Traffic generated on TrailerTrader is equivalent to the average traffic from 1,000+ dealer sites. Plus, the site ranks top of page for trending keyword phrases like: Trailers for Sale, Dump Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, and Horse Trailers.
To continue growing and improving TrailerTrader, we will be working with leading OEM’s as well as participating dealers to gather feedback to ensure we effectively build what you need.

Features like:

  • – Digital Retailing
  • – Valuable Data Insights
  • – Favoriting Units
  • – Comparisons and Trends

Please take the time to submit any features you’d like to see.

Rachel Rivers