Rachel Rivers • March 9,2021

Dealer Success - Navigating Multiple Marketplaces


There are countless avenues for selling trailers online, most popular right now being eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. But as time goes on, more digital marketplaces like Cars for Sale on Google My Business will emerge and lead us to question which ones should we prioritize, are easiest to manage, and result in the most leads and sales? Explore how dealers can effectively navigate multiple marketplaces at once to increase their profit margin.

How Marketplaces Function

Typically you can create a listing by entering your product’s name, confirming your location, selecting a category, then finally adding a description and images. While Facebook Marketplace doesn’t require payment to post, other sites like Craigslist and eBay do have some additional fees to watch out for. However, once your item is listed publicly, anyone in the area should be able to easily contact you to arrange a meet up.

Marketplaces have always been a great resource for buyers and sellers looking for the best deals on local products. Many dealers have begun transitioning from brick n’ mortar to digital sales for this very reason. Watch our video on the Omnichannel approach here to learn more about how customers are shopping online. This approach has been fueling online retailers for years and will continue to be a big factor in any marketing strategy.


Today we encourage dealers to utilize the various platforms and their endless audiences. As one of the newest, we’ve seen significant growth on Facebook Marketplace especially in the form of increased product display, leads, and brand recognition. In fact it was reported in 2020 that “Facebook is the leading social platform, reaching 60.6 percent of internet users”(Maryam Mohsin). 

With the ever changing digital landscape, it’s assumed that these marketplaces will only continue to grow and flourish. Our dealers have agreed that since using Facebook Marketplace their average leads have increased by nearly 50%. Additionally, with new markets like Cars for Sale by Google My Business on the horizon, we’re estimating that online marketplaces will become the default for buying and selling trailers, rv’s, boats, equipment, and more.


  • – Buy & sell more in your local community 
  • – Easily manage from any desktop or mobile device
  • – Increase user traffic and engagement

Navigating Multiple Marketplaces

As industry leaders, we’re aware that many dealers don’t have the bandwidth to manage a business, social media, sales, and inventory all at once. From the beginning our goal at TrailerCentral was to create a solution for dealers looking to manage more while optimizing their time and resources. 

As a result, we built an automated marketing system that generates custom ads to publish based on your dealership’s inventory. Instead of prioritizing one marketplace over another, optimize for success by utilizing all eCommerce platforms simultaneously. Marketing your products across multiple channels can increase product display, leads, and brand recognition. When you’re able to generate a continuous stream of listings you provide potential customers with more information about your business. Also, using our automated marketing allows you to post to classifieds and marketplace as your business and not an individual seller.

Perks of Automated Marketing

  • – Saves countless hours creating, editing, and managing listings
  • – Automatically edits listings when your inventory updates
  • – Improves quantity and quality of incoming leads
  • – Increases visibility of brand, products, and services


Given the evidence, there’s no reason today’s dealers shouldn’t be actively utilizing Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Trailer Trader, and any other new markets that join the scene. With the resources available and the time saved with automated posting, your dealership can experience tangible results fast. If you’re interested in learning more about how our platform can save you time, increase management power, and increase your profit margin, reach out to our team at today.

Rachel Rivers